The Best Self Stylist


Soul-Searching Support for Designing Your Best Life Now!
What I do.
My objective with each of my clients is to take them inside themselves to search for the person they’ve always wanted to be so they can live the life they’ve always wanted to lead. In short, we start with the “being” and it leads to the “doing” and the “having”. I’m a kind of stylist, helping you to fashion the ideal you and grooming you for growth and empowerment.
I’m here to help you do the inner work – to gain awareness, confidence, clarity, focus and peace of mind – so that you can finally start getting the outer results you’ve dreamed of.

Program Example
Here are just some of the elements we might address during the tailor-made process:

a) decide what you really really want (dream big!) and set that goal

b) pinpoint beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back and create a new process that serves you

c) make clear, quick decisions and feel good about them instead of second guessing and overthinking

d) improve your self-esteem and confidence in your abilities to get results

e) take action instead of procrastinating or staying stuck in non-essential busyness

f) understand how to deal with “negative” emotions and create the emotions you need to drive you forward

g) track, adjust and celebrate your fails and wins

All this within a completely confidential, supportive and fun framework.

As your Coach

I provide you with some space, a quiet moment in your busy schedule, where finding out want you really want and how to achieve it is the only focus. Just take a minute to imagine that… I may be the only person in your life who has no specific plans for you apart from your success. My objective is simply to help you connect with your biggest dream and transform it into something you can do. So take off your mask, your make-up, whatever role you’re upholding at the moment, and just let go.

As your Coach

I want to help you stretch yourself (it’s not something you can easily do alone) so that you reach for your dreams and go for what you want now instead of waiting for the X months/years you think it should take you. So many people do this and miss out on the best part of their life. Or maybe you’re telling yourself that it’s too late for you now? Deep down you know that it’s never too late.

As my Client

You will need to invest your time, commitment, focus and energy in working towards your goals. And I will be there to support you every step of the way. The people who give their “all” are the ones who get the most benefit. I want to work with people who meet my 100% focus with their 100%.