I’d often read about people who said they adored so much what they did for a living that it didn’t feel like work. I used to think that they must have been wildly exaggerating because I didn’t actually know anyone like that.

The large majority of people I knew fell into two categories: those who either hated their job and just lived for their weekends or days off or those who weren’t necessarily unhappy in their job but who still felt tired, stressed or overworked.

I fell into the latter category in that I could safely say I liked what I did and I had a great team and boss to work with but I was fully aware that it wasn’t my dream job either. However, at the time, I didn’t even know what my dream job was and I was too busy to even contemplate going down that road.

That was a few years ago, before I found coaching. Or I suppose you could say coaching found me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I understood what those people who loved their work were referring to. In short, I’d finally found my passion, my purpose, my lifeline.
How do I know? Because when I’m coaching, I’m in my element, it’s almost like flying. I start off on the runway waiting to take off, that’s when I’m totally focused on the client, nothing else matters, only the person in front of me and what they’re saying (and often what they’re not saying). Complete connection and authenticity – from both of us. Then follows the revving up of the engine, the intuitive placement of powerful questions, followed by some silent gliding along the runway of deep reflection until the final take-off, that moment of exhilaration when an important insight or goal is achieved.

Coaching is an experience not a concept.

As you may have gathered, coaching can’t be explained in words, it’s an experience. That’s why I like to paint pictures for people who haven’t yet experienced it because it’s the best way I’ve found to try and transmit the essence of this service.
Because it really is a service, a very valuable one, priceless even, depending on what you think your dreams are worth.
The service of bringing out the best in someone so that they can live their dream. It’s about helping them go deep inside themselves to gain new perspectives, clarity and strength so that they can be, do or have whatever they want.
As a coach, I believe 100% in my client’s potential and, on this basis, I hold them accountable for each step they take so that nothing stands in their way, especially not fear. And, like all good coaches, I have such faith in this service that I have my own coach to ensure I’m continually being the best I can be. How could I expect anyone to invest in something that I didn’t think worthwhile enough to do myself?

The Trip of a Lifetime

Back to this picture I promised you on the coaching experience: let’s say I accompany my clients on a trip of a lifetime. First, I help them discover their dream destination. Then, they decide on which route to follow and the main sights they’ll take in on the way. After that, we prepare for the journey to make sure they have all they need and we remove from their luggage any unnecessary items that will needlessly weigh them down. I may not be the one taking the journey but I can picture it perfectly and can shine a spotlight on new unexpected areas that might be good to visit or places that aren’t worth a stopover. I’m present at every milestone and the voice of encouragement if my client ever gets lost or tired on the way.

But coaching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is committed to their personal and/or professional growth. They’re just not ready yet. And that’s perfectly ok because coaching is for motivated people: men or women who know they are meant for greater things, better lives, and who are ready to do what it takes to get to their dream destination. They’re tired of feeling stuck, dissatisfied or frustrated and they don’t want to put off living their best life any longer. They’re willing to invest in themselves to achieve new heights of fulfilment and happiness. Because they know they deserve it. In fact, they don’t need a coach, they want one.

I’ll finish by saying that coaching is about the future, the best future, your future. It’s out there, within your grasp. You could be living it now.
What are you waiting for?

Images courtesy of Unsplash & Canva