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Hi there, I’m Kelly.

I’m a Certified Transformational Coach, Life Coach and Solution-Focused Coach.

And I’m also a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Twin Sister, Friend, Avid Traveller, Language Lover, Life Questioner, Cappucino Addict & Dancer at heart!

I mix coaching tools, NLP and mindfulness to help you become aware of the filters and thought patterns you’ve accumulated over time, train your brain and step back into your true power.

As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know how that daily feeling of dissatisfaction can take its toll: the constant need to feel productive and be “doing”, the sense that you’re in a race but you’re not sure where to, the lingering daily shadow of “not enough”.

What if you could finally feel sufficient? Get back that inner power? Give yourself what you need rather than looking outside to others for it?

I also help business leaders like you remove the blocks that are stopping them from progressing in a foreign language. Don’t hesitate to visit my website here.

90 Days to a New Direction

12-week programme designed to help you get in touch with what you really want, what is stopping you and take action to get there!

Work/Life Power Formula

A complete 6-month program of self-discovery and intentional change so that you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

The BIG Birthday Effect

You’re feeling wistful, restless, frustrated, and lethargic. You can’t put your finger on it but your whole being feels “down”. You’re living Groundhog days, just going through the motions. Every day seems to strangely resemble the day before. What’s more, you’ve...

How To Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind

"It's not the events of our lives that shape us but our beliefs as to what those events mean" - Tony Robbins Do you base your actions on the past? On your life experiences so far? On what other people have told you that you can or can’t do or that you should or...

6 Essential Life Lessons We’re Taught By Our Children

Many of you will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that children change our lives. In fact they have this magical ability to expose us to such a vast array of emotions that we’re sometimes left breathless and exhausted! But I think most importantly of...

Can you spare some change?

The Comfort Zone - To be or not to be? That is the question... Ok, the word comfort zone is getting a bit cliché now but I’m using it because I haven’t yet found a better way of describing why it’s a place that we find so hard to leave. This area represents our own...

Coaching – the Ultimate Experience

I’d often read about people who said they adored so much what they did for a living that it didn’t feel like work. I used to think that they must have been wildly exaggerating because I didn’t actually know anyone like that. The large majority of people I knew fell...

Are you suffering from “Loser’s Limp”?

Do you have Loser’s Limp? The first time I heard this expression was in a book by Zig Ziglar, "See you at the Top". Let me explain what “Loser’s Limp” is by painting you a picture: imagine you’re at a football game and you see an attacker speed off with the ball...

11 Ways to Blast Your Fears into Oblivion

1. You’re afraid you don’t have the talent. 2. You’re afraid you won’t earn enough money. 3. You’re afraid people will laugh at you if you don’t succeed. 4. You’re afraid you have nothing special to offer. 5. You’re afraid that other people have already done what you...

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